Brand Positioning

brand positioning

Attention is Not What Brand Positioning is About

Brand positioning is not just about standing out from the crowd. Ultimately, it is about being relevant and different. If your brand is positioned properly, you will mean something to someone. It will help you stand out from the competition and grow. 

By properly positioning your brand you will

Brand Positioning Process

Here's how I help you position your brand:

When your brand message is consistent across all channels, it will be easier to put your brand strategy into action. Firstly, we will make sure that all your communications are in line with your mission, vision and values. This includes the content on your website and social media channels.

The second step of the process is all about the potential of the market and the needs and wants of your target group. By knowing your market and target group well you will know how to make your brand relevant and interesting. 

Now it is possible to analyze your competition in depth. Consequently, you will know how you can stand out from the competition in your market. The competition analysis includes up to three of your direct competitors.

After this step, you will know the three most important strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your brand. We will together analyze all the possible strategies and choose the best one(s).

Finally, you will get a brand positioning strategy with emphasis on content and brand associations. Then, we will determine the most important features of your products or services that you should communicate to stand out. Afterwards you will get a plan with ideas on content that support your new brand positioning strategy.

Brand positioning requires market research, competition analysis and corporate identity analysis. In addition, it requires creative thinking. I can help you with identifying the needs and wants of your target groups. Furthermore, you will also get insights on your competitors. This way we can create a brand positioning strategy that helps your brand grow.

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