About Me

I am an ambitious content marketer and copywriter with great passion for branding, thought leadership and content marketing. With years of experience in content marketing and communication in Europe and North America, I will help your brand grow without the expense of your target groups with most potential.

Here’s how I can help:

I can help you position your brand so that you can grow and achieve your objectives.

I can help you come up with a plan for establishing your thought leadership.

I can help you with producing various kinds of content that appeal to your target group and activates them for desired action.


My Resume

CV Ville Vaajanen 2021 page 1

Suvi Johansson

CEO, Differo Ltd.


Katri Tanni

Founder & Head of Consulting, Differo Ltd.


Paula Savonen

Former Content Strategist & Team Lead, Differo Ltd.

Matias Suhonen

CEO, Matter Agency


Samu Watanen

Account Manager, Matter Agency


Tommi Hermunen

CEO, Gothenburg Branch Agency


Sami Akseli

Head of Marketing and Sales Digitalization Services, Roger Studio


Noora Sarajuuri

Key Account Manager, Roger Studio


Jaakko Kievari

CEO, Roger Studio